Cloud Mini Backboard
Cloud Mini Backboard
Cloud Mini Backboard

Cloud Mini Backboard



  • Backboards and nets handmade with love & care
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping
  • Wall mounted, all hardware & instructions included
  • Backboard: 17.5" x 11"
  • Rim: 9"


Is it easy to install?

Yes! Our backboards are easy to install. Takes around 5-10 minutes and we include all the hardware needed.

Are these used indoors?

Yes! Our backboards can be installed onto any wall indoors. If you’re installing the backboard on drywall, we provide anchor screws with every board.

Do backboards come with mini basketballs?

Mini basketballs are not included with backboards and are purchased separately.

Do your mini basketballs fit through the hoop?

Yes! All our Size 1 Mini Basketballs fit through the hoop. The hoop is 9” in diameter, so any ball under 9” in diameter will fit.

Do backboards come with colored nets?

Yes! All our backboards come with colored nets.